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View from YOUR Stroller: Hilliard, Ohio

Welcome to our second post in our View from YOUR Stroller series.  This is a guest column series where other parents around the world do a small interview about their life and the views they see with their “stroller”.  If you’d like to participate in an interview, drop me an e-mail at I would love to here from you.

Todays post is brought to us from the Buckeye State!  Kendall a Buckeye herself is telling us all about the view from her stroller in the Columbus suburbs.  She is a social worker by day specializing in foster care and adoption. When she’s not caring for her own amazing little guy, she’s doing some amazing work caring for little ones and families throughout the Columbus area.

Folk & Sons

Mamma or Pappa:


Where are you:

Hilliard, Ohio (A suburb of Columbus)


WOHM 3 days a week and WAHM 2 days a week.

What Stroller/Carrier do you use?

We use the Graco Modes Click Connect Travel System Stroller and an ERGOBaby Original Baby Carrier.

Tell us about your littles: 

I have one son, Liam who just turned 6 months old. He has such a sweet and fun personality and is an all-around happy little guy!

Best thing about your town for kids:

Hilliard and Columbus are both booming towns with a lot of young families. There are a ton of parks and activities for little ones in close distance. We don’t have to travel more than 20 minutes to most anything we would want to do!

You are heading out on a play date, where are you meeting up?

Columbus has over twenty Metro Parks! Each one is full of great scenery, walking paths, playgrounds and more! We have one located right in Hilliard that includes a bike path. Now that the weather is nice I enjoy taking my little outside on walks or just to sit and enjoy the sun! We have tried the swings now and are looking forward to playing more on the playgrounds as he gets older. We also have a smaller park located within our neighborhood called, Frank’s Park that has been very convenient and a good way to meet other parents and kiddos in our neighborhood.

As summer gets closer we are also super excited to take Liam to one of the Hilliard Municipal Pools. These pools are decked out with water slides for older children and have smaller areas for young children/babies with all sorts of fun waterfalls and splash toys. They also offer swim lessons and fun summer activities such as movie nights.

Hidden gem in your town for kids:

The Little Ice Cream Shoppe in Hilliard. We are able to walk to it from our house and it is delicious! It is operated by a local family and has delicious homemade ice cream! The flavors even change daily and I have loved everything I have tried. Of course, Liam is too young to enjoy it now, but that doesn’t mean mommy can’t!

If you’re in your town you must try:

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium! It is ranked as one of the top ten zoos in the country and we have really enjoyed it! We took a couple trips there before we had Liam and have taken him once now. We are excited to get passes and take him more as he gets older. The zoo is broken up into six regions: Australia and the Islands, Congo Expedition, Shores, Asia Quest, North America and Heart of Africa. For someone with absolutely no sense of direction, me, I found the zoo very easy to navigate! There are thousands of animals and we are looking forward to going back and seeing the new baby Polar Bear, Nora as this exhibit allows you to see the bears both above and under water. Liam was still a little young to appreciate all of the animals when we went, but he did enjoy the aquarium, the small petting zoo in North America and getting up close to Kangaroos in Australia!

If you are in Columbus with kids I would also highly recommend the COSI Science Museum. My husband and I went a few times before the little joined us and will take him when he is a bit older and can appreciate it. It is full of fun and interesting exhibits about Space, the Human Body, Technology and much more. A lot of the exhibits are very hands on for kids and they have events, and live shows as well as a Little Kid Space where they can explore and play safely!

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Your go to source for kids things to do in your city: 

Honestly, I have gotten a ton of information from a Facebook group for Hilliard Moms, Hilliard Moms in the Know. Here, moms share resources and activities in the area and I have been able to learn a lot!  The Columbus City Guide also has a lot of helpful information.

Best kid friendly restaurant: 

So, I have not been yet, but it is on my list to try as I have heard great things about Little Skippers Play Café in Hilliard. The Café has a small menu of food and beverages that look tasty and it houses several play areas for kids including an infant crawling area!

Most difficult thing about living in your town: 

As stated above, Columbus and Hilliard are booming which is a great thing but, also comes with a lot of traffic! On the days I work out of the home it is always a rush to make it to the daycare by their closing time of 6pm as it can sometimes take me 45 minutes to an hour to get to Hilliard from where I work. I try to avoid making any appointments or anything that would have us traveling close to rush hour time as it is not good for mommy or baby to be stuck sitting still in the car!

Three things you can’t live without for your little: 

  • My stroller! It is so nice after being cooped up with a newborn for all of winter to be able to get out with him and enjoy the sunshine! The travel system is also great as we can just click in the little’s car seat if he falls asleep in the car without waking him!
  • His favorite toys which right now are his: Sophie Giraffe, Toucan Colors Book, and Fisher Price Shape Sorter Blocks. All of which are easily portable!
  • Burp Cloths, lots of burp cloths! Our little is a big drooler/ spitter upper!


Best advice someone gave you about kids: 

Try to enjoy every minute because it goes by fast!

What’s your daily uniform:

If I am not at work, I like to be comfy in yoga pants/leggings and a tank or sweatshirt!

Favorite travel spots with kids:

We have not done much traveling yet other than a trip to see family in North Carolina when Liam was only 2 months old and driving to and from Cincinnati to see the grandparents (about an hour and a half drive from Hilliard). My parents have a condo on the beach in Destin, Florida so we are definitely excited to get there soon! It is a beautiful beach with a lot of family activities in the area!

Biggest traveling with kids advice: 

Since we have not done much traveling, I don’t have a lot of advice! It has been super helpful though for the grandparents to have things at their house such as diapers, food, umbrella stroller etc. so we don’t have to schlep everything back and forth every time we visit. It is amazing how quickly you can fill up your car for just a weekend visit!

When traveling you make sure not to forget: 

Toys/Entertainment and a comfort item if your little has one!

What’s in your diaper bag? 

Diapers, Pampers Sensitive Wipes (the only wipes that have not made my little break out), Changing Pad, Boogie Wipes, Burp Cloth, Extra Outfit, Plastic Bag, Small toys, Bottle, Water, Keys, Wallet, Gum, Cell Phone and Lip Gloss for Mommy!

Folk & Sons-2

 What helps you get through the day? 

Getting a workout in! Before Liam I loved going to the gym for an hour after work. Since that can’t happen anymore I have turned to a great workout App called, DailyBurn. I especially enjoy the Daily Burn 365 program which has a different 30 minute workout every day! I find my little can usually let me get through it and it gives me the energy I need after a long day at work to get through the rest of the evening. We also enjoy turning on Sesame Street on the HBO Go App when we just need a minute for everyone to calm down. We don’t use it all the time, but Liam enjoys looking at the puppets for a few minutes of peace!

Parting thoughts?

Don’t overwhelm yourself with parenting books, articles, theories and advice. Of course there are great resources out there, but just do what feels right for your family and enjoy! Try not to stress about what everyone thinks is best!


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