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View from the Home: Top 5 – 18 Month Old Boy Toys

So I officially have a 1 1/2 year old boy and he certainly has his favorite toys.  If you are on the hunt for toys for a 18 month old boy here is a list of all of our current favorite to help you in your selection!  This list is also good if you’re shopping for a first birthday party but want to get something they can grow into!

41uIUfSthIL._SL160_1. Little Tikes Coozy Coop

The Coozy Coop my little one will hop in one of these any chance he gets! We don’t actually own one but our playground is a toy grave yard with lots of these!  We also have some special addition ones at school like the police car and the Truck. He will ride on any car he can get his hands on!

2.  51oZCorexdL._SL160_Hotwheel Cars

My little one loves cars and trucks and busses he can’t get enough.  Number two on our list is hot wheel cars.  My son will spend HOURS lining these cars up and moving them and lining them up again!  Highly recommended and small enough to store in a small condo unlike the Coozy Coop.

3. Little People Collection little-people_tcm219-239557

I remember playing with Little People when I was younger though back then they were much smaller more of a choking hazard.  But today’s Little People  are absolutely adorable with millions of different sets! Some of our favorites are:

4. Mega Bloks51bYtfeF5ZL._SL160_

We love to build!  And the Megabloks we got are just the best for building with little hands.  We’ve tired Duplo’s but they aren’t as easy to build with at this stage as the  Megabloks.  You will not regret your investment in these great toys!


5. 215sYbTwXsL._SL160_Parents Magazine Bee Bop Band Play & Learn Drum & Instruments

Musical instruments are great for all little ones!  They love to bang them around and make noise.  Whether it’s this drum kit we love or a fun xylophone, my little one loves to make music!


Bonus Toy!

The Easel!!! mala-easel-white__0135810_PE292683_S4

My little one is OBSESSED with drawing on his easel.  Since I won’t let him use the white markers yet I just roll the paper over that portion and he draws with chalk on either side. He absolutely loves it and uses it every single day! We got ours from Ikea.






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