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View from the App Store: My Favorite Breast Feeding App

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Ok folks I tried a lot of breast feeding apps since I’ve had my little one.  I’ve gone through pretty much every free trial not ready to commit.  And I found my favorite one about 6 months into my breast feeding journey.  One of my major complaints about breast feeding apps was that they got to bight.  I wanted to keep the room dark while I was feeding my little one back to sleep in the night.  So when I found FeedBaby I was soooo excited that it actually had a dark screen!

Of course it has other features as well, though since I don’t pay for it I only can use the feeds part.  If I had started with this app when little one was first born I probably would have purchased to record everything but since he was older I really only needed the feed function.  But it really has so many screens- Feeds, Diapers, Sleeps, Pumping, Medicines, Growths, Journals, Baths, Vaccinations, Temperatures, Teeth.  You can add more than one baby, a reports feature, alarms and even timelines.  I haven’t tried all of these out because I’ve only accessed the free portion but I think it would be truly worth it for a new mom or dad.

Check out some screen shots below and if you’re looking for a baby tracking app definitely give this one a try.  I promise I’m not being paid to say nice things about this app I really just use it!

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View from the Road: Thank Goodness for Pet Stores Next to Target

I know for a fact I am not the only parent that brings their child to Pet Smart before or after a Target trip.  And I know this because I’ve run into some of you there.  Either as a reward for being good in Target or as a treat before they are forced to go shopping with you a pet store always brightens a child’s day.  If I’m going to force my little one to sit through a long stroll around Target it’s only fair that I bring him to the Petsmart next door and let him run around excited while he checks out the birds, cats, and fish right?

If you haven’t tried this trick yet DO IT!!!! It’s like going to the zoo without the crowds, over priced food, and the kiddo’s can get closer to the animals.  My little one absolutely loves looking at all the animals but every time I go in I want to get us another one of the poor little kittens I see in the windows.

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View from the Home: When your Significant Other is Away and you’re Alone with a 1 Year Old

If anyone out there is actually reading this blog.  And I check the stats so I know there are a few of you out there. I apologize for not writing in a while. The truth is the single parenting game is tough.  To all you single parents out there, you have an extremely hard job and I have so much respect for you.

I am a work from home mom with a 13 month old and my husband has to travel for work.  Like many many families out there.  This is not some crazy new trend this is something a lot of families have to deal with.  And for much longer time spans than us.  Months and years.  I only had to deal with it for 3 weeks.

This is the second time my husband has had to leave the country for work and travel half way around the world to a remote location in the south pacific.  And I have to say it is easier the second time around.  I’ve got more of a hang on this mom gig.  And balancing it with my work. We have a good schedule going and my child SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!! And naps well twice a day.  So as far as times for him to go now was a pretty good one.  Except that I had a wedding to work one week in…

So thankfully my mom came down to stay with us so that she could watch my little one for the day while I went to work a wedding because I’m an event planner. And so that I could have company because I can go a little crazy without another adult to talk to.  Especially when it rains for a week strait during the middle of this period.  Last time hubs left the country for work we spent half the duration visiting my parents in Florida and the other half with my mom here at our house.

While things weren’t perfect, sleep and naps got a little messed up, and my house got a little messy.  This was the longest I had ever been away from my little one.  13 hours was a very long time and he wasn’t to happy about it though he loves his Grandma and his Aunt who also came over to spend the day. It was nice to have the company and the help especially with all the work I had to do.

So to get us through we planned an activity a day.  We went to parks, story times, birthday parties, play groups, swim class, the farm, the zoo, we had friends come over to keep us company and we made it through.  I am happy to report that the hubs is home, no more 14 hr time difference and spotty wifi giving us very poor FaceTime. Naps and sleep are back to their usual perfectness (I really shouldn’t jinx myself like this). Back to your regularly scheduled life!  And mom if you’re reading this THANKS!

So what is my advice if you’re facing a short term absence by your partner? Turn to your village for help and company, plan lots of activities to get you out of the house, keep busy, and use your FaceTime a lot!