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View from the App Store: My Favorite Breast Feeding App

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Ok folks I tried a lot of breast feeding apps since I’ve had my little one.  I’ve gone through pretty much every free trial not ready to commit.  And I found my favorite one about 6 months into my breast feeding journey.  One of my major complaints about breast feeding apps was that they got to bight.  I wanted to keep the room dark while I was feeding my little one back to sleep in the night.  So when I found FeedBaby I was soooo excited that it actually had a dark screen!

Of course it has other features as well, though since I don’t pay for it I only can use the feeds part.  If I had started with this app when little one was first born I probably would have purchased to record everything but since he was older I really only needed the feed function.  But it really has so many screens- Feeds, Diapers, Sleeps, Pumping, Medicines, Growths, Journals, Baths, Vaccinations, Temperatures, Teeth.  You can add more than one baby, a reports feature, alarms and even timelines.  I haven’t tried all of these out because I’ve only accessed the free portion but I think it would be truly worth it for a new mom or dad.

Check out some screen shots below and if you’re looking for a baby tracking app definitely give this one a try.  I promise I’m not being paid to say nice things about this app I really just use it!

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View from the App Store: 1 Second Every Day

View from the App Store: 1 Second Every Day

So this app is amazing you cut one second video out of every day videos of your little one.  But you need to remember to take a video or photograph every day. It also takes up a ton of memory on your phone and you can only access it from your phone.  So while it makes great videos of each day to send to your family and friends if you’re trying to make a year long video it takes up a lot of space.  So to make up for this every month I download the app make the video and then delete the app until it’s time to make it again the following month.  So while cumbersome it saves space on my phone!


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View from the App Store: Tinybeans

Hi everyone!  I am starting a series on all my favorite apps I use for Baby/Toddler/Children.  Some are helpful some help share information, some are fun and all are great so here we go with my first app I love: TINYBEANS!!!!


I actually found out about Tinybeans when I was at the Apple Store to get my computer fixed on my birthday.  I had my little guy with me and I was chatting up another patiently waiting customer who happened to be a new grandma.  She asked me if I knew about Tinybeans and exclaimed about how great it is how she gets an email every day from her daughter-in-law with new pictures and video’s of her granddaughter. I thought to myself well this would sure save me a lot of texting but there has to be cost to it! tinybeans-app

Turns out there is but only if you want to send larger videos.  If you do you can sign up for their monthly or lifetime plans and upload all sorts of videos.  I haven’t tried that out yet but it might be worth it if you take larger videos.  So far I have just cut mine down to size to fit the 30 second limits.

I can’t tell you all the times the grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, and uncles have exclaimed how much they love getting their daily dose of Tinybeans and you can bet when they don’t see an e-mail in their inbox in the morning I get a “where’s my Tinybeans” text…  Normally I just posted the images and videos to late to make the email but it will get sent the next day.

This app is so easy!  You just upload your pictures and video’s one by one (unless you pay for the prime membership then you can upload multiples), and voila they are there for others you’ve allowed access to see them (if they’ve downloaded the app too) or they will receive them in their e-mail.

There is a web interface you can use to upload from your computer in case you’ve taken pictures or videos on something other than your phone (good for you) and it’s still super easy to use!

You can clear out the cashe on the app so that it takes up less memory on your phone as well if you’re worried about space.  It’s a great way to save all of your images and videos because all of your family members can also download them right to their devices!

If you can’t tell my family and I are all a little obsessed with this app. It’s gotten to the point where my father actually calls my little one tiny bean…

Do you use  Tinybeans?  What do you think?